Blogging Adventure

I presume lots of people are making the most of their self-isolation time and kicking off their side projects. In my case I have decided to start a blog. Yes, you might be thinking “yet another developer starting a blog”, to which I reply: you’re absolutely right. This is just a place I intend to use to publish knowledge I have acquired throughout the time I have been working as an engineer, in a way that hopefully people reading will find useful too.

I settled with this simple blog template for now and have set up a very simple write-and-publish pipeline. Over-engineering is one of the things that has set me back when deciding to start at blog in the past, for which reason I decided to KISS it for now. However it is possible that the layout of this website will change in the future.

I would be posting mostly about computer science, software engineering, science-related subjects and good reads. I am by no means a leading expert, but I have a fair amount of experience that I’m happy to share with the world. Finally, I wish that people reading the upcoming posts get something positive from my writing. I will certainly enjoy the journey.

Now, make yourself a hot drink (if you fancy that sort of thing), sit back and enjoy.

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